The family funeral service started about 35 years ago when Dorothy’s dad passed away.  He loved his garden, loved coffee and was happiest in his gardening clothes. He always said, “When I die, just give me a cup of coffee and put me on the compost heap.”

Obviously this did not happen, but back then the funeral director talked the family into having him embalmed, dressed in a suit and laid out in a fancy coffin.  It just wasn’t him.  The whole experience was stressful and disheartening.  The family felt pressured into making quick decisions that didn’t represent their father or his life.

Richard and Dorothy thought there must be a better way.  Individuals must be able to have the farewell they want, with their wishes respected.

Since then, we have helped many friends, family, and members of the community in a dignified, compassionate way, and at an economical cost. We are focused on keeping our overheads and costs down while providing a compassionate, caring, high level of service.

Richard and Dorothy Hope Funeral Directors for Hope Family Funeral Services Home

Richard and Dorothy Hope

Founders of Hope Family Funerals