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“The Hope Family met all of our expectations and more.  Services provided from Death to farewell were all that one would want.  Rather than be treated as clients, we were treated as friends.  They displayed understanding, empathy and were most considerate.  Their property is tranquil and set in a rural area.  We have no hesitation in recommending the Hope Family funeral directors.”
Arthur and Jeannie

“Dear Tony, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your kindness and sensitivity in everything you did in the organising of my mother’s funeral. I am quite sure that everything was just as she would have wished. You really did help to transform a very sad time into something very precious.”
Kindest regards

Tina T

“Dear Ricky and the Hope Family… you were perfect strangers that came into our lives at the close of our Father’s life.  Yet it was the “Little Things”, the small gestures of respect and kindnesses that stand large in my memory…you were professional…yet you crossed over and were natural, funny and yet respectful- you offered tissues when tears welled, coffee to make us feel we were honoured guests in your home.  You lead, not pushed.  You were quiet, silent, observing when we needed “time”…Ricky, you create amazing rapport.   On another level, we, my mother and I were absolutely amazed at the level of care and detail you covered to put the funeral on, AND at such an affordable price.  There was a moment when we felt there must be something missing, something we have overlooked because that funeral process seemed effortless.  It was like we were suspended in a peaceful cloud.  It was as if you The Hope Family had thought of everything and quietly got on with providing that service.  It was the small things that meant so much…I really do think what touches me the most is the depth of respect and tenderness in which you received Pa and the process of his departure worked out.  That came across so well and because we love him, it was the best service you could have ever given us.  So now you are no longer strangers.  Indeed, you are a very very special part of our hearts.  We will remember you forever for what you gave us.”
Kind regards

Jenny R.

“My overwhelming emotion is of being surrounded by professionalism hidden in a rare, deep, kindness.  One can be given an impressive arrangement of flowers almost overpowering in colour and presentation…Then you can find the most miniscule wild flower hidden in the grass: you look long and carefully at that tiny flower. It’s almost invisible beauty is immense with the potential to remain in one’s memory in every perfect detail.  Your services are like that wildflower.  In my opinion, The Hope Family is a rarity in what could be called a busy service industry.”
Etheljoy S

“Thank you so much for your loving care.  Thank you for taking the pressure off me and arranging everything so well.  What a blessing you are.  Thank you for all your special little touches, coffee with you, the ferns and flowers and the gorgeous rose on the casket.”
Sue R

"From the outset, until my mother's burial in Auckland, Tony Hope was committed and meticulous in every detail. Wonderful handling of the music and video at the chapel service. The total cost was very reasonable. I would highly recommend his family business to anyone."

Julie M

"We would like to thank you so much for all the help, advice and empathy which you showed towards my departed Husband,  for driving from Tauranga to Taupo to collect him.  We were very impressed and will certainly recommend you to others. Thanks so much."

Sally S