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In New Zealand there is a wide range of caskets available. Family members can choose a casket style and price to suit their needs and budget and the type of funeral service.

Caskets are constructed of either cardboard, wood veneer, painted wood or solid timber. Families can choose to customise the casket by choosing to custom wrap or paint.

Adult caskets are manufactured to a standard size of 6’1” internal length, 22” width and 12” depth. Larger than standard size caskets are available at an extra cost.

Costs range from the Basic casket option $450 to over $6000.

Woven Wicker casket

Direct Cremation Casket

Hope Funerals designed a shaped cardboard casket as a dignified, yet economical option for those who wish to have a cremation without a funeral service. This significantly reduces the cost for the family. 

As a liner to a standard casket

An option for carrying out our loved ones wishes while providing families and friends with an acceptable looking casket at the funeral is to have a direct cremation casket and hiring a traditional outer. The basic casket is placed inside the traditional outer for viewing, pallbearers and the service. After the service, the basic casket is removed for cremation.  Only suitable for cremations. Most of the casket range is available for hire.

Hope Family Funerals Basic cardboard casket coffin hired cremation


Wood grained MDF, satin finish.

Available in a range of sizes

Available to hire


Wood grained MDF, high gloss finish

Available in a range of sizes

Available to hire


Wood grained MDF, high gloss finish

Available in a range of sizes

Available to hire

Solid Pine

Solid wood casket with handles.

Available to hire.

Pine casket

Heritage Rimu

Rimu veneer MDF casket with handles.

Available to hire.

Heritage Rimu casket


Mount Maunganui design exclusive to Hope Family Funerals.

Matching urn available.

Mount Scene casket, plywood
Pure Elegance coffin, plywood
Woven willow casket

Custom options

Custom wrap and paint options are available.

Rose petal casket wrapped
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