In Tauranga, New Zealand there is a wide range of coffins (caskets) available. Family members can choose a casket style and price to suit their needs and budget and the type of funeral service.

Caskets are constructed of either cardboard, wood veneered custom wood, painted custom wood or solid timber. Families with an artistic flair can customise their choice of coffins, by decorating it with painted scenes or figures.

Adult caskets are manufactured to a standard size of 6’1” internal length, 22” width and 12” depth. Larger than standard size caskets are available at an extra cost.

Costs range from the Basic casket option $350 to over $5000 for the Couch casket.

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The simplest casket is made from cardboard or custom wood with no wood veneer or paint finish. Although many people paint or decorate the casket with pictures, photos or messages.  This coffin is only suitable for a direct cremation as it is not designed to be carried by pallbearers.  However, it can be placed inside a traditional style casket if a service, viewing or pallbearers is preferred – in private, the basic casket is then removed just prior to cremation.

Basic with hired outer

As mentioned, an option for carrying out our loved ones wishes while providing families and friends with an acceptable looking casket is to have a basic casket like the one above and hiring from us a traditional outer. The basic casket is placed inside the traditional outer for viewing, pallbearers and the service. After the service, the basic casket is removed for cremation.  Only suitable for cremations. Most of the casket range is available for hire.


Wood grained MDF, satin finish. Also available in rimu.


Wood grained MDF, high gloss finish.  Also available in a range of other colours.


Wood grained MDF, high gloss finish.  Also available in rosewood, hickory, split lid mahogany and a range of other colours.

Solid Pine

Solid wood casket with handles.

Recycled Native Timber

Heritage Rimu

Wood veneer, oil finish.

Woven Wicker

Solid wood casket.

Mount Maunganui Scene

Pure Elegance

Exclusive to Hope Family Funeral Services

Serenity Driftwood

Serenity Teak


Many are attracted to the wood grain and wool fleece of the Artisan. Its minimal use of materials and eco-iconic appearance expresses individuality. The Artisan’s unique design encourages celebration of life rather than mourning death.

Families wanting an open casket will find the low sides a welcome feature – mourners can sit with the deceased without having to stand and peer down into a box.

Included is the wool fleece mattress and pillow. The timber is sanded and coated with a light natural wax. If a fuller finish is desired the family can apply additional natural waxes.

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