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When Someone Dies

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, many struggle to know where to start.

Here is a simple step by step process to guide you through what to do when someone you love passes away.

We are here to help through every step of the way, and to answer any questions you may have.

Contact your GP or call 111

When someone passes away, the death will need to be certified.

  • If the death was expected, your loved one's GP will be able to do this for you. Give them a call, and in most cases they will come to the family home to carry out the necessary documents.

  • If the death was unexpected, call 111 and they will advise of the next steps. This will possibly include a coroner's inquest.

  • If your loved one passed away at a rest home, the staff will liaise with the GP for you.

  • If they pass away at a hospital, the available doctor will verify the death as soon as possible, or advise of a possible coroner's inquest if the death was unexplained.

Call Hope Family

When you are ready, give us a call on 07 543 3151.

We will ask you a few questions and help you through any initial queries you have.

When the doctor's paperwork has been completed and you would like us to, we will then uplift your loved one and transfer them to our funeral home. This can be shortly after the call, or we can wait until a later time if that is preferred, there is absolutely no rush to get things underway if you feel that you need some more time.

Have a chat

The next step is to meet with a member of our team to discuss your loved one's funeral wishes and record their personal details. The funeral director will work with you to meet up when you feel up to it. Your loved one’s personal details are required by Births, Deaths, and Marriages to apply for a death certificate, which we will complete for you.

Relax and reflect

After meeting with the funeral director, they will get to work in carrying out your loved ones' wishes. If there is a funeral service, you may need to provide photos, clothing, service sheet information, and newspaper notice information. This time is a nice opportunity to sit down with your friends and family and reflect on your loved one's life.


After the funeral arrangements have taken place, there are a few final things we can help you with:

  • The death certificate is applied for on the day of the service. This is then posted to the funeral home from Births, Deaths, and Marriages. When it arrives, we will contact the executor to let them know it has arrived.

  • If your loved one was cremated, their ashes will be ready one to two days after the cremation has taken place, and come in a standard council urn. We will be in contact when they are ready. There is no need to collect them immediately if you feel that you need more time, we are happy to keep them with us for as long as you need. We have a range of urns, scatter tubes and keepsakes at our funeral home to choose from. We are also happy to assist if you wish to have your loved one's ashes interred at a cemetery.

  • Our friends at BOP Memorials will be happy to assist you with any of your headstone or plaque requirements.

  • The account will be made available when the death certificate arrives, but we can provide it earlier if you would like. You are welcome to request a quote at any time throughout the arrangement process.

  • We can also assist with any financial assistance options, such as WINZ and ACC.

  • There are several organisations to notify when someone has passed away, many have found
    'My Trove' to be a helpful website with this.

  • For extra emotional support, please speak with your funeral director who would be happy to chat, and advise of extra support available.

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