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Pre-arrange folder

Planning Ahead

Many choose to pre-plan their funeral. Doing so eases the stress on the family when the time comes,

and allows them to spend that time to grieve and heal with their loved ones.

Speak With Us

Our funeral directors are available to guide you through the pre-arrangement process and document your wishes for when the time comes. They can provide options and ideas to consider based on your personal preferences, and advise you of costs. A funeral director would be happy to meet you at your home, or you could come to us at our funeral home for a relaxed and friendly chat. There is no charge or obligation when pre planning your funeral with us.

Hope Funeral 2a Loop Road

Personal Details and Funeral Wishes Form

If you would prefer to make arrangements privately, you are welcome to request our personal details and funeral wishes form. This form allows you to document your wishes in advance, so you can advise the executor of your will what you would like to happen when the time comes. You are also welcome to provide us with a copy of your wishes to keep on file.

Pre-Plan Folder

Prepaid Funeral Trust

If you would like to put funds aside for your future arrangements, you can open a prepaid funeral account with us. The funds are held in an independent account with BNZ and has an independent trustee. Funds up to $10,000 are exempt from the Rest Home Asset Criteria.

To apply, let us know and we will provide you with the relevant forms and advise what valid identification we need to certify prior to opening the account. It is also recommended you speak with a funeral director who can advise you of a funeral cost estimate of your wishes prior to making a deposit. If you would like to learn more, please speak with a team member.

Funeral Flowers

Free Funeral Guide

We have put together a free funeral guide to help families who wish to have their funeral

arrangements take place in the Bay of Plenty get started in their planning process.
To have a free guide posted to you, please send us your details.

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