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Funeral Planning

We are here to walk you through the journey of losing a loved one,

and to arrange a unique and personal farewell.

Cremation or burial

Whether someone chooses to have a cremation or burial can be dependent on several factors, such as financial, traditional, or religious preferences. We are happy to chat about options available.


Legal Documentation

We liaise with doctors, medical referees, Births Deaths and Marriages, and cemetery staff to carry out the necessary legal procedures for cremation or burial.



We have a range of Jaguar hearses to transport your loved one. We also have an Indian Chief Motorcycle hearse for the motorcycle enthusiasts.

Body care

The level of body care may vary depending on how the person passed away and what they and their families wishes are. We try and care for the person who has passed away as naturally as possible. For someone who stays with us, we have an option where their body is kept cool enough so traditional embalming may not be necessary. They would still be bathed, dressed, hair and makeup done (if appropriate) and necessary body care carried out. We care for them so that they look as natural as possible for any family or friends who would like to spend time with them prior to the service. For someone who is to go home prior to the service, we carry out the same level of body care in addition to traditional embalming to help slow down what nature intends.



We have facilities at our funeral home for you to spend time with your loved one prior to saying goodbye. We can also arrange for your loved one to spend some time at the family home.



You are welcome to come and visit us at our funeral home to view the full range. We have a minimal direct cremation casket if the family do not wish to have a funeral. To save costs, our direct cremation casket can also be used as a liner for a more traditional casket. This means the family can have a traditional casket for the funeral, without having to purchase one.  Click here to view our range of caskets


Newspaper Notices

We can place a newspaper notice for you and assist you with putting one together.



Service Sheets

Your funeral director and celebrant will work with you to draft up a personalised service sheet. Our design team will put it together and once approved by you, we will print here in house on high quality paper.



We know a range of celebrants in the local area from different backgrounds. We can connect you with a celebrant that suits your personal values. They will then liaise with you to prepare a service that honours your loved one.



Based on your needs, we can liaise with local florists to prepare a personal floral arrangement to suit your loved one's style and personality.

Floral sprays, upright vox arrangements, and petals to place on the casket are common choices for a funeral.

Sausage Rolls


We can arrange catering options from local caterers to suit your needs and budget.

Photo selection

Photo Tributes

Options include a photo reflection slideshow and a framed 8x10 photo to place on the casket. We also have easels and photo boards available to use for the service.

Video Camera

Livestream and Recording

We have livestream and funeral recording options available. A link will be made available prior to the service for family and friends to share amongst themselves.

Things to Gather

Personal Details

Part of our service is to apply for the death certificate with Births, Deaths, and Marriages. They require specific personal details about the person who has passed. These details are outlined in our personal details and funeral wishes form. Information such as your loved one's parents names and occupations, their children's ages, and their relationship details will be required.



Please bring an outfit for your loved one to be dressed in, including undergarments. This could be an outfit special to them, such as a uniform, suit, or even just something cozy that they loved to wear. If they are to be cremated, shoes will not be required as they are prohibited items for cremation. If you are going to spend some time with your loved one prior to the farewell, it is helpful for our staff to have a recent photo of them. This will help them to prepare your loved one to look just as they did prior to passing.



Collating photos is a large part of the arrangement process if there is to be a funeral service. Photos for a framed photo, the service sheet, and photo reflection slideshow could be required. It is recommended to collate special photos before the time comes, to allow for time to find the precious memories from over the years. We will need the photos at least 48 hours prior to the service to have everything ready for the service.


Music, Lyrics, Poems

For a funeral, music for the beginning and end of the service, the photo reflection slideshow, and any background music can be put together by the funeral director. Let them know what you would like and they will prepare that for you.


Tell us about your loved one.

We love to hear about your loved one, what they were passionate about and their interests, hobbies, favourite colours, flowers etc. This helps us to personalise the service so that it truly reflects who they were.

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